Month: June 2018

Growing a business is an obsession for entrepreneurs after they manage to fulfill a need in the market and get the startup operations of the business off the ground. Improving the efficiency of the company and enhancing its capability to take on new opportunities becomes the next logical area to evaluate.

The startup phase is different from the growing phase of the business because of the size, the responsibility for management, and the changes in the market environment. Navigating this period may require additional skills and resources that all business owners must be ready to adopt. Read on to see simple hacks for company prosperity as applied in many company situations across the world.

Improve Organization

The organization of the business is a vital management tip that most entrepreneurs will overlook when they are starting out. Organization involves the provision of records, the clarification of information about different activities and functions of the business. All employees in the business should have a way to organize ideas, files and resources to improve their efficacy.


Failure to keep all resources organized will cause the business to do many repetitive tasks that add only to the cost of operations. An agile business can respond to any need but getting such a business requires technologies to improve the productivity of employees by helping them organize their roles and resources.

Create a Culture of Focus

The business and its entire staff must learn to focus on a thing at a time. The focus is imperative for the organization as it grows because it can lead to an improvement in efficiency. Employees must learn to do things well by working on one job at a time.

They should finish or formally stop a job before embarking on another one. The approach makes it possible for the management to decide whether to add more staff and the areas where the new staff should be. The failing companies often allow employees to juggle various responsibilities and do them poorly.

Learn to Measure Quantity of Outputs and Outcomes

You must ensure that the company has a system of measuring output and outcome. Output can imply the number of customers served per hour and the number of cases resolved per day.

The outcome would indicate the effect of the business on customers’ welfare and the improvement in employee motivation due to changes in management structures or compensation. Being able to measure output and outcome will be a defining factor of whether the business finally transitions into operating as a large company.

Plan Inventories Well

You might need to invest in technology for inventory management, order management cycles and other operational demands of the business. The growth phase is likely to pose significant stress on staff and other resources. A robust inventory management system that allows you to schedule appointments, services and deliveries to align them with the production processes or employee availability for services is essential.

A combination of inventory planning and quantified production outputs and outcomes can lead to the choice of the right marketing and customer care systems to use when you are targeting an improvement in long-term results.